Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day! Or as the Swedes would have it, Happy "All Hearts' Day," which I think is a sweet and lovely way to put it.

This year I played around with embroidery on paper. For far-away loves, some bits from an atlas (photocopied and then copied again until the right size), with an arrow stitched between our cities:


Inspired by

And for my main squeeze:

Inspired by this pillow made by Sarah of The Small Object--but I figured peanut butter and jelly wasn't quite quirky enough to capture what we have.  Mmm, peanut butter and pickle: it sounds so wrong but it tastes so right, and that about sums it up I'd say. (Plus, I like the double meaning: when I'm in a pickle, as I so often am, here he comes to fortify me, just like peanut butter.)

How I wish I'd drawn that pickle just an eighth of an inch higher--but hey, I never claimed to be perfect, so I guess my Valentines aren't going to be either. I'm pretty tickled by those French knot warts though!

Wishing an evening full of love to all you lovely hearts.


  1. So sweet. And? The only Valentine's theme post I've seen that didn't make me want to gag. Thanks! :)

  2. I agree with Darx. Thanks! Love the arrows connecting the cities. I really appreciate your creativity.

  3. These are adorable! And, I LOVE how you incorporate stitching on the paper ... it's one of my favorite things.

  4. Darcy and Jenny--thanks so much! A non-gaggy Valentine's post, I feel like I've reached blogger Nirvana!

    anotheryarn--thanks for your kind words and for dropping by! You too, Jenn--I have very little experience with stitching on paper so I'm especially tickled that it looked good to your more experienced eye.