Thursday, August 4, 2011

Houses and an invitation

My log cabins are done!

I have loved this pattern forever, and I am so glad to have finally had the chance to learn how to make log cabins. I used the piecing instructions in Modern Log Cabin Quilting, by Susan Beal, which seems like a wonderful book so far. One day I will make a full log cabin quilt.

And now the invitation part: if you are in the Seattle/western Washington area, you can see the quilt I'm making as part of the Lo-Fi Festival at Smoke Farm (about 1 hour's drive from Seattle) on Saturday, August 12 13 (I'm so excited I can't count!). Please come! It's gonna be smokin'.

If you're not in the area, I can promise many more pictures and thoughts about the quilt, its design, the process, and just in general way more than you probably want to know about the event, here on this blog sometime during the third week of August.



  1. Looking forward to the bloggy updates :) Happy festival-ing, sounds like a very fun event!