Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Fancy nibbles, per New Year's Eve tradition.
1. Fewer meals in front of screens.
(Every list of resolutions needs some low-hanging fruit, after all.)

2. Work at making* something unessential** for at least 20 minutes each day.
(* I guess a more common way to say this might be "do something creative," but in fact quite a lot of the process of making something doesn't always feel very creative, and it's that part, that steady making of a physical object with my hands--though all of the somethings I have in mind to make might not be physical objects--that I'm driving at here.

(** It's a paradox, isn't it: 'Oh, but these things are essential to you!' or 'But the world/our lives actually need these supposedly non-essential things!' Well, true. But the point is to not allow myself to imagine that making dinner, say, counts.)

Getting some materials together for a new project.
3. Ask strangers for what you want/to pay attention to you.
(Ooooooh, doesn't that sound absolutely atrocious? I can't believe I am actually typing my intention to become an epically terrible person out and posting it on the Internet. But, you know, I think it's just what has to be done.)

4. Find an attractive, reasonably priced soap dispenser for the kitchen that actually works.
(Not sure if #3 or #4 is going to be the bigger challenge here.)

My lunch today. Obviously, I like traditions when they involve food.
 And you, what are you planning? Any advice to help me keep my intentions?


  1. I love #2 - and I think that sort of leaves it open, no dinner doesn't count, but that doesn't mean that cooking can't be your outlet some days. For #4, I found a square glass soap dispenser (officially for the bathroom) at Pier 1 for about $5 probably 10 years ago now. I'm not sure I've seen the same one there since then, but I have seen similar pumps at Target & BB&B in the kitchen section and at a local hippie shop that sells household goods - so it still exists. I'll dig around for a link.

  2. Ah, thanks for "getting it," especially re: #2.

    And thanks for the tips on #4! My current nemesis is from Target so I'm glad to be reminded of a couple other options, especially Pier 1.