Monday, June 10, 2013


Trying to get back in the habit, so without further ado:

Waiting at my girl's bus stop for the weekend to begin:

(I pass the time by contemplating how much I love my new shoes.)

Mint patch update:

(The twinberry is looking a little sad; it started listing severely so I had to replant it deeper in the soil, and it seems to be recovering very slowly from the experience.)

(But, on the plus side, the honeysuckle is getting long enough to start threading through the ugly fence.)

A cousin sleepover and fairy garden making:

Lush life:


When girls turn 6:

Hard-won progress:


  1. Fairy garden making sounds awesome. I want to come over and make one, too!

  2. I've been eyeing the fairy gardens are our local nursery, wishing I were a little girl (or had a little girl) so I could indulge in one. They look so frivolous and fun. Then again, red shoes are another kind of frivolous fun this post makes me want to indulge in. I'm officially jealous of your weekend!