Monday, December 13, 2010

The Yule Factory

From an Internet friend I borrowed the idea of having the kiddo scribble on a big sheet of paper and then use it to wrap gifts. Sadly, this activity engaged my elf for all of three and a half minutes. Then: "YOU draw it, Mama." "Hey, I have an idea, I'll trace around some cookie cutters and you can draw some decorations on the inside." "Let ME do it, Mama." And so, a paper filled with amoeboid gingerbread men. Oh, and four servings of Christmas Juice (your guess is as good as mine on that one) there in the upper-left corner.

Glittery nail polish to the rescue!

The baking endeavors resulted in a batch of Lussekatter, or "Lucia Cats," traditionally served in Sweden on St. Lucia Day (that's today). I'd give you the recipe, but the truth is I haven't mastered it yet.

So I'll give you some advice instead. I hate to make you even more stressed out at this time of year, but my advice is to hold tight to your holiday traditions, because traditions can be hard to reestablish. (Okay, in my ancestors' defense, I think they left Sweden before St. Lucia Day celebrations existed in their current form. I'm just saying I wish I already knew--deeply, in that muscle-memory kind of way--how to make these kitties.)

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