Tuesday, October 8, 2013

101 Things in 1,001 Days: Home Edition

As planned, the list has been emailed to my partner in crime. I've heard no objections, so I'm posting it here. Plus, I thought I'd better get on it and throw the list up here on the Internet, because we've actually been crossing some things off! No one is more surprised than I am. More on those exciting developments shortly.

I'm going to use this post as a way of tracking our progress. Each time we complete an item, I'll cross it off here, and link to any blog post that I've made about the project. I'll try to do at least a brief post for each item, just for the sake of completeness. I realize that many of the items below do not sound all that exciting or creative (and some of them probably don't make any sense; hang in there, there will be pictures eventually), but the point of this exercise is to improve our lives, not to win the Internets.

You'll notice below that one item is already crossed off and you've even seen the results: the morning/evening schedule charts that I introduced in my previous post. It's true, I started working on some of these items before I even officially finished making the list. So this is basically like writing down something you've done just so that you will get to cross it off, which any fan of lists knows is totally, totally legitimate behavior.

But just so I'm not giving myself too much of a head start, I'll start the clock ticking on my 1,001 days as of September 24, the date of my previous post. That gives me until Tuesday, June 21, 2016 to complete the list. Ready? Go!

My Man’s Ideas
1.     Prep and paint the trim surrounding the slider
2.     Prep and paint the inside of the front door
3.     Prep and paint the patch in the bathroom wall
4.     Prep and repaint the trim on the bathroom window
5.     Trim and seal the bottom of the back door
6.     Wash the windows (inside and out)
7.     Get the moss off the roof
8.     Take the old radio off kiddo’s wall (here)
9.     Repair and paint the holes in kiddo’s wall from where the radio was
10. Get rid of extra bikes in shed
11. Get rid of furniture we don’t want from shed
12. Make a dump run with stuff from shed
13. Lay down weedblock over remainder of front lawn (here)
14. Weed the parking strip

15. Purchase & install wall sconces for bedside lights
16. Organize my “bedside table”
17. Put up framed prints (the ones sitting on top of the cedar chest)
18. Clean up/refresh finish on cedar chest
19. Put up curtain across clothing shelf
20. Find a way to keep jewelry organized/accessible/tidy
21. Clean out top of closet
22. Put something solid over shelf unit in closet, or get new ones
23. Oil door hinges (here)
24. Find a place to put workout gear (mine and husband’s) that is not just on the floor shoved behind the door
25. Sell clothes
26. Find a better way to store bags and purses (also, have fewer of them) (here)
27. Get an effective light in the closet

28. Hang seahorse on wall
29. Clean out all drawers
30. Clean out cupboard
31. Find a different way to store shampoo/soap/etc. that will make it less precarious sitting on ledges and also easier to quickly clean tub/shower – stainless shower caddy
32. Find a place/way to store bathroom cleaning products in the bathroom
33. Replace toilet seat
34. Soap/lotion/hand sanitizer pumps
35. Use trays/ etc. to corral items on bathroom counter and make them look nicer: the idea is to create an actual place for everything that stays out on the counter, so that these things aren’t randomly strewn all over – tray for tooth stuff on left; lotion/hand sanitizer/cotton balls/qtips on right
36. Perfection sampler
37. Jellyfish/anemone or seascape for wall above towel rack
38. Hang hooks behind door for towels (guest and kid)
39. 2 new hand towels
40. add twill tape for hanging towels + hook under counter
41. get stains off toilet
42. get stains off sink caulk
43. get stains off shower caulk
44. get plastic hook off wall (here)

45. Remove door from laundry nook and hang curtain instead
46. Find a better storage system for stuff on bottom shelf of linen closet (art supplies/craft kits get out of control fast, tape/tools are all jumbled up and I can never find anything)
47. Find better storage system for stuff on top shelf of coat closet (laundry stuff needs to be more easily accessible, there is probably a bunch of very rarely used stuff that could be less accessible)

Kid’s room
48. Organize hair stuff & tchotchkes in purple baskets
49. Reorganize dresser top
50. Improve function of bedside table/book storage
51. Find a better way to store stuffies
52. Hang up hooks for backpack, coats, etc.
53. Remove trash can from room and add boot tray (here)
54. Add a magnetic canvas on the wall for her art
55. Make and hang up morning/evening routine charts (here)

56. Clean out all drawers and cupboards (5/25)
57. Improve function of drawer under microwave (mail supplies, outbox, stuff we need when going out the door – not just another junk drawer)
58. Magnetic paint on wall in entry
59. Chalkboard paint on wall in entry
60. Replace shoe rack with boot tray
61. Find or make rug for entry to cover entire area
62. Find or make mat for sink that can be cleaned and will stay in one place
63. Add pump bottles for lotion/hand sanitizer, add sink-side sponge holders
64. Get stuff off counters
65. Hooks on wall in entry
66. Holder for chalk, frame for menus, other pics on wall in entry
67. Paint “Post” pouch and hang on entry wall
68. Find a tray for mail
69. Decorate cat food canister

Dining room
70. Find a way to keep kiddo desk neat(er)
71. Put white paint on canvas and hang lower so she can reach it
72. Make magnets for canvases
73. Fix embroidered clock and hang somewhere
74. Hang up gleaners print
75. Get better trays for cat dishes
76. Figure out what to do about rug
77. Get chairs, place settings, and table space to serve 10 people for dinner
78. Get a nice tablecloth that is the right size for the table
79. Figure out how to store and keep track of napkins that are in use (here)
80. Make something for the center of the table
81. Clean up/refresh finish on table & chairs

Living room
82. Get a rug for “entryway”
83. Boot tray
84. Put up hooks, art, etc. near entry
85. Get a better tray for tea set (here)
86. Make cover for midcentury chair
87. Make felt bins for console table
88. Get rid of screen, install curtain rod over cat box and make curtain (here)
89. Get extra crap off bookshelves
90. Repot plants on top of bookshelves
91. Find out about getting a slipcover made for the couch
92. Replace knobs on sideboard
93. Clean up/refresh finish on sideboard

94. Clean out corner behind door (here)
95. Reorganize desk drawers in a sustainable way
96. Clean out corner between desk and shelf
97. Reorganize bookshelves (0/5)
98. Clean out office supply trunk
99. Frame whale/iceberg print and hang
100.                Make frame gallery above desk
101.                Hang thread rack on wall and reorganize top of barrister bookcase