Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hi, welcome to my bathroom--

--and wait, when did this become a fashion blog?

Don't worry, it didn't. I just snapped these pictures as part of a little monthly event called "Charity Shop Challenge" that some ladies across the pond came up with.

I found out about it via the charming blog of Jen Collins, who also happens to be a super-talented artist & illustrator. I recently bought this lovely Scottish wildlife print from her and can't wait to display it, just as soon as I procure the right size frame (apparently, Target induces this weird neurological condition in me where I can never buy the correct size picture frame on the first try. I've done this three times in a row now, I think).

Anyway, since I work from home I need a little extra motivation to put on an actual Outfit in the morning (as opposed to whatever pair of saggy jeans happens to be hanging over the bed rail), and I looove thrifting, so it's a meme made in heaven as far as I'm concerned.

I'm wearing:
Black cowl-neck dress: clothing swap
Blue sweater vest: Ann Taylor Loft via thrift, $6.99
Teal leggings: Forever 21 (and they suck, honestly)
Brown boots: Born
Wooden bangle (that miraculously does not fall off my laughably bird-like wrists): thrift, $2.99
Indeterminate carnivore brooch (I think it's a fox but 2 out of 3 members of my household say it's a cat): thrift, $5.99
Silk scarf: thrift, $1.99
Cat hair on sweater: c/o Buster, free


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