Saturday, January 21, 2012

kale salad

A dish that has been served at three separate festive occasions (Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, friend's baby shower) really deserves a blog post of its own, don't you think?

This raw kale salad comes from the blog Little Red Fox, and it really is, as advertised, "the perfect winter salad." It's sweet, tart, piquant, and full of chlorophyll. Distinctly healthy, but it's not work to eat it, if you know what I mean.

A couple of notes:
*The recipe doesn't specify what kind of kale to use, but I always make it with Tuscan/dinosaur/lacinato kale, which I think is pretty much the best stuff on earth.
*I have always left out the goat cheese (I seem to use the salad to balance out a meal that is otherwise eggy/cheesy/rich) and have not noticed that this diminishes the perfection of the salad in any way.
*The dressing is also wonderful on other winter-type salads, such as a big bowl of shredded carrots with chopped walnuts:

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