Friday, September 28, 2012

Making the best of a cheesy rock wall

Our house is at the bottom of a slope, and we have a rock wall all along one side of our property.

I hate it.

I think it's ugly and cheesy and 1970s-looking, in a bad way. It's like the split-level house of landscaping.

Sorry if you live in a split-level house. Some of my best friends live in split-level houses and all that. Actually, I'm pretty sure my best friend does live in a split-level house. But... they're not my bag. And probably for most of us, there's some aspect of our house or yard  that we don't dig so much. The question is how to work around it, how to make the best of it.

So one day I saw this image:

And I thought, hmm...could I?

So I gathered some supplies.

And I gave it a try.

The bulbs are under the areas with darker soil, a compost-topsoil blend that I put on top of what was already there. I'm not confident that I really buried the bulbs as deep as the package instructions said, but...if daffodils can grow in the amount of dirt on top of a Cornish rock wall, maybe it will work out.

I'll keep you posted. But I feel better already.


  1. Yes, I do live in a split level. As split levels go, it is very cool.

    In our split level's kitchen, there is a floor-to-ceiling mirror. It is not my thing but (a) little kids love it and (b) whenever someone comes to our house for the first time, they do a double take when they see that mirror because at first glance they just think we have a very big kitchen. It's amusing every time it happens.

    I love the daffodil idea. Hope they do their thing!

  2. Love that idea and the top image. Now I'm inspired to plant some daffodils (the only plants deers won't touch in our downtown (!) in some unusual places in our mini yard. BTW, in German "gesellig" spelled with an 's' means being with people, as in being sociable. The roots seem to be the same though, because I just found "Gezelligheid" in the wikipedia which also means being with loved ones. Untranslatable though - what a great name for your blog, which is very inspiring.

  3. E., yes, I bet I would like *your* split-level, because you live there. So it goes. And now I wonder, if I put a floor-to-ceiling mirror in my office, could I double the size of my fabric stash? That might be worth it.

    Kathrin, thanks for visiting and for your kind words! How interesting that German also has the word "gesellig"--it does sound like the meaning is related. I've heard the fuller meaning of the Dutch "gezellig" compared to the German "gemutlicht," I wonder how all that evolved.