Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New bedroom inspiration

I've been a big fan of Pinterest for a while now. I use the site in a variety of different ways (for example, see here for menu planning -- amazingly, I still have pretty much the same system three years later) but for home decorating I find the most useful thing is that it helps me figure out what the heck I like.

I simply pin images as I come across them to a given board, and over time the themes that tie those images together become clear. I'm a splitter rather than a lumper when it comes to Pinterest: I think creating boards with fine-grained topics like "Bedroom" and "Bathroom" is much more helpful than those broad default boards ("For the Home") that the site gives you when you sign up.

For example, here is my Bedroom board, which I've been looking at quite a bit to try to figure out how to put together our new adult bedroom.

I think it's interesting that some of the oldest images on that board are still pretty much in line with what I'm aiming for:

Apparently I know what I like, even if I can't always explain or describe it (and often don't manage the motivation and chutzpah to carry it out).

Below are images illustrating a few other common themes that show up in my pins -- in other words, elements of the style I'd like to achieve.

A simple, mostly white canvas:

Color from textiles:

And from art on the walls:

A little bit of black (or very dark color):

A plant or two:

Making space for sentimental things (more important than strictly adhering to a consistent style or period):

And finally, curtains to close off the visual chaos where necessary:

Can you see it coming together?


  1. Gorgeous rooms, and all of them so gezellig! Like you, I know what I like, but I also have trouble describing it. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

    1. I'm so glad they come across as gezellig to you too! :-)

  2. These are lovely. I wish I could find bedroom inspiration with an obvious theme.

    1. I'm not sure the theme here WAS obvious -- it really is pretty ad hoc, just noticing elements of images that showed up over and over (and of course, the elements I'm highlighting here are the ones that made me think: yeah, I could do that :-) ). I really recommend the Pinterest method, hackneyed as that may sound!

  3. Even though my last post might make me seem like a Pinterest hater, I'm a big advocate of this use for it. Because we've been working on our house for some time and most rooms are feeling done-ish (except our bedroom), I don't need to do this so much any more. But I sure did when we were starting out and I wasn't even sure what my style was. Love these images for your bedroom. I like a bright room, too.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Rita! I thought your post made some really good points about Pinterest, even if we aren't in exactly the same place with it. That's really interesting to hear that you used to use the site more in the way I've described when you were in the thick of working on your house. Even though I've been gathering string for quite a while, I feel like I'm just at the very beginning of the "doing" phase. I wonder how my view on Pinterest will change as that process goes on.

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