Monday, March 14, 2011


I am lucky enough to get to spend one Sunday afternoon each month with two other aspiring novelists. Yesterday, we met at Locöl, a new-ish wine/beer/seasonal food hangout in West Seattle (and before you get all het up about the seemingly unnecessary umlaut--it's a play on the Swedish word for beer, so I heartily approve).

I liked their version of the ubiquitous tealights-on-tables: a mason jar filled with dried beans, then a small oil lamp nestled inside. Somehow it made me think of my mother's kitchen. (My mom was a semi-vegetarian suburban hippie back before that was cool again--you remember the 80s, right?)

The food was nice, too. I had a three-bean salad that featured a dressing bright with lemon juice, and my friend's tuna sandwich disappeared fast, before I even thought to ask her how it was. Recommended.

7902 35th Ave. SW, Seattle

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