Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last weekend the kiddo and I headed down to visit my parents in Phoenix. The humorless side of me knows that the whole metroplex is kind of a New Urbanist's nightmare.

Yet I can't deny that it's nice to have a warm and sunny spot to escape to for a weekend at the tail end of a glum Seattle winter. The air is so...gentle, somehow.

I mean, you step outside and the whole world smells like orange blossoms!

Plus, I think the desert plants are really neat. (We took a walk around the block our last morning there and I snapped about 70 photos of cacti. I might subject you to a few of them in my next post.)

Lots of Dutch people around, too. (Albeit via a century or so in the American Midwest. My family included.)

My mom and I had so much fun.

All that vintage embroidery floss was sorted into categories by color, painstakingly matched up by number, and then divided up with absolute fairness.  Here's my share:

Not bad, I'd say.

12 cents a skein! Those were the days, right?

I also brought back with me the tablecloth that, my mom says, was on the table at her parents' wedding reception. The fabric is full of snags and little holes, but the rose-patterned lace is mostly in good shape, and I think it's gorgeous.

I'm trying to decide what to do with it. Any suggestions?


  1. You are in so much trouble. You were in Phoenix and you didn't call? Stomp, stomp, stomp. What do you mean you didn't have time for some online person you've never met? Okay, but next time...

  2. Sorry about the ellipsis.

  3. Oh, don't apologize--the ellipsis is what makes it sound so threatening! ;-)

    I did think of you--we have to get together and teach ourselves to crochet!--but part of the reason we went down there is that my grandmother recently passed away and, well, family stuff is complicated, so...better next time, I thought.