Saturday, January 7, 2012

gallery wall in the girl's room, part 1

I have to say I am underwhelmed. It needs more stuff and a greater variety of sizes. So there will be a part 2, at some point.

(Though for those wondering why I would hang a bunch of picture frames above the bed of a rambunctious four year old, and in earthquake country no less, I'll say that these are NYTTJA frames from IKEA, and they're basically chipboard with very thin plexiglass on the front, so I feel okay about that part.)

When I started this blog, I planned to post mostly about efforts to make my house a better, more comfortable, cozier space to be. I think that is an important goal. It is something that I want for myself--people differ on this, but my mood and my productivity are absolutely affected by the physical space around me--and for my family.

But it's been much easier to for me to post about recipes and craft or sewing projects. I feel much more confident in those realms, perhaps because I'm more experienced or just innately better at cooking and sewing (or maybe a little of both). I very rarely look at the results of some house decorating-related project and think I have really nailed it. (Oh come on, you know me, that pun was totally intended.)

But I would like to do better! So I'm forcing myself to post this. Maybe even if no one else can learn from my successes, I can still learn from my own mistakes.


  1. Sarah, I think maybe it is because you have both the dark frames together on the bottom that it is throwing your cluster of pictures off. I'd maybe move one where the pink frame is and then move the pink frame down?

    Taking pictures has really helped me to see what is working in my space and what isn't, and then I'll also study pictures from spaces that I like.

  2. You're right, it's bottom heavy! That's a good tip, I'll try making a switch like that first...the advantage is it doesn't involve any new nail holes, right? (I do think the wall needs more smaller stuff though...)