Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to transfer a REALLY big image to embroider onto fabric

First, make a manageably sized drawing, to scale.

Tape together a huuuge piece of paper, the same size as your fabric. Use a ruler to tile it into 1' by 1' squares.

And, square by square, convert your little drawing into a big one.

You can't really see that, can you? Here, I'll Sharpie over my pencil sketch.

Now, what we need is an enormous light box.


That'll do.

Trace. I'm using Pilot Frixion pens here, and so far they seem much more precise and easier to use than the washout fabric markers I'm used to. Thanks to Florence for the tip.


And once you're done tracing on the fabric, the drawing even keeps a little one busy...for about five minutes.


  1. Yes indeed! Hurrah, I drew something recognizable! (I mean, slugs are not that complicated to draw, but on the other hand their shapes are so variable that I kept second-guessing myself...are people going to know that this is a slug? Thank you for the vote of confidence!)