Monday, February 4, 2013


Nothing kills my blogging mojo like typing the words, "In my next post, I'll..." I should learn not to write that unless I've actually completely written the next post!

So, yeah. HST cage match still to come. In the meantime, here's what we've been up to. (This is two weekends' worth of weekending, so don't imagine that we're SO productive around here.)

Got out the oil pastels thinking to introduce my girl to special! big girl! art supplies. Her interest quickly flagged.

But me, every time I pick up my oil pastels (once every seven years, I wish I were not exaggerating),

I think: why don't I do this more often?

Then she told me about combining watercolor and oil pastels (which apparently she learned about in her art class. Silly me, thinking I still had anything to teach her).

That was fun, too.

By this time she had moved on to yet another medium, and a costume for an elephant.

Then we made pretzels.

Looks messy and unpromising.

But voila! Perfect.

Scratched an itch.

My work cut out for me. (Har.)

Reorganized my art and craft supplies. My girl found the fabric paints. On the one hand: oy. On the other hand: well, that's what they're there for, right?

Spoils from IKEA. I have high hopes for these babies, even though so far my office merely shows evidence of a bunch of deck-chair-rearranging. Still: high hopes.

Thanks Anotheryarn for the nice shout-out to this series of posts.


  1. Ah, drinking the Helmer koolaid. I bought one, then wanted another and truthfully want at least one more...

    1. I tried to convince my husband that he wanted one too, but no dice. He is missing out!