Thursday, March 14, 2013

The pot of gold at the end of my rainbow

is, of course, my little leprechaun-girl.

We got into the spirit for the St. Patrick's Day party at kindergarten with a bright-green cardi and and a skirt in rainbow colors.

"Let's put the green part of the skirt in front, Mom!" Good idea.

How I wish I could say this is a moss-covered forest path! Sadly, no, it is our moss-covered front walk.

Please indulge me while I relate one short anecdote, just to show that she really is as mischievous as a leprechaun.

A friend was over for a playdate the other day, and they were playing a board game. She was farting around, being silly, etc., and her friend was losing patience. "Come on, do you want to play or not?" he said. And she looked at him and said, witheringly, "Why are you acting like my mom?"

St. Patrick's Day proper isn't until Sunday, so there's still time if you want a twirly rainbow skirt of your own.

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  1. HOW cute! Sometimes I wonder if their feet even touch the ground.
    Francis really likes St. Patty's day, too ... it's a lot of pressure! : )