Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Essentials

I hope the change in tone here isn't too incoherent after yesterday's serious post, but I wanted to connect with the spring style linkup that Anne and Shea are hosting, which is about "spring essentials" this week.

Last week I shared the clothing items that I've carried over from my winter capsule to my spring one. So this week I'll show some of the elements that make my outfits these days feel quintessentially spring. My spring essentials are --

Breton stripes

navy/white tee | light blue/white tee with eyelet trim

Floral prints, of course

tulip-print skirt | gray floral skirt
navy cardi with embroidered flowers | voile infinity scarf

Lots of navy

gingham button-up | cabled v-neck
dark-wash jeans | argyle cardi

Contrasted with coral

ombre scarf | ladybug socks

Green footwear, for wet or dry days

wellies | green suede flats

And my beloved red peep-toe clogs!


  1. Navy and white stripes are spring essentials for sure - I love them paired with any of the floral prints too! And every time it rains I remember that wellies are an essential that I don't yet have... getting tired of wet feet around here :)

    1. Yeah, wellies are an essential that you can't ignore in Seattle! Mine are by Kamik, bought from Amazon. I like that they are not obviously branded and are cheaper than the ubiquitous Hunters, but seem to be very good quality so far (made in Canada still, as far as I know).

  2. I'm totally with you on the navy with pops of coral--I have a lot of that going on in my spring wardrobe right now too. One thing that I don't have as much of is floral prints--you have such a great collection!!

    1. Thanks Shea, I'm fond of my florals collection, too. The whole probably isn't what I would have designed if I were building a wardrobe from scratch (my stripes are navy and my florals are gray/black background) but that's a useful lesson for the future, and I make it work in the meantime!

  3. I've got you in my Bloglovin feed, but I missed this one (and the next, somehow). Anyway, sorry for being so late to comment, but wanted you to know that your capsule posts have gotten me back in a capsule mindset. And it's been really helpful. I've also found myself drawn to navy/blue--I think it's because chambray is sorta hot right now, and I've always liked that. Pops of red, too. I went to buy some shoes that would be good for taking walks in, and I found a red pair calling to me. That felt so impractical, but I thought of my capsule mantra: Fewer things, and only things I love. Funny how when you love something, it goes with all kinds of things--even red shoes.

    1. Haha, no apologies necessary -- after all my own blog writing/reading/commenting is very spotty these days! I am so glad to know that the capsule posts have been useful to you. On the one hand I like to try to open up what I see as a bit of a black box in the way wardrobe capsules tend to be discussed...on the other hand I know that I can drone on! :-) Super excited that you got some red shoes! I have been amazed that I have almost no red in my wardrobe, and yet my red clogs seem to go with everything.