Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Last weekend of the summer

The last weekend of summer turned distinctly fall-like around here. Still, my daughter insisted on a trip to the beach on Saturday.

She desperately wanted to practice her new snorkeling skills.

But with temperatures in the low 60s (and water temperature in the low 50s), she couldn't quite commit to it.

Instead, she came up with a game of rolling in the sand...

...and then running down the beach and ever so briefly dipping in the water to rinse off.

Over and over again, until suddenly: "Let's go home!"

Sunday, I got out my new home accessory for autumn -- an impulse purchase in London that was wildly inappropriate to the season at the time, but is just perfect now:

Got out my favorite fall scarf and a cardigan, too. (I'll miss the warm weather, but to tell you the truth I'm kind of excited to play with my fall clothes.)

Rained all night...


...so I'm glad I'd gotten those plants in the ground.

Heavy-headed anemones:


P.S.: Apropos of our earlier discussions about messy gardens and front-yard landscaping, an email from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's wonderful Yard Map program just hit my inbox, and there's this article with guidance about Making "Messy" Look Good. Genius!


  1. Aww ... it looks like your daughter had a wonderful time :) . I do hope she saw some interesting stuff underwater, to make the dipping in at that temperature worthwhile!

    I would love it if your cool weather would hurry up and get to us across the continent - we've had heat warnings for days on end now (currently 86 F, feels like 100 F with humidity at 54%). Luckily we live very close to a beach, but still ... I am SO ready for fall and winter!

    The anemones are gorgeous! And it looks like you've made some progress on figuring out plants for your front garden? I quickly checked out that Yard Map link, as well as the article about making "messy" look good ... definitely going to be going back to those sites for a closer look --- we've been taking out lawn too, and re-landscaping, and we need all the help we can get ;) . Thanks so much for posting those!

  2. Well, our summer weather is back now -- typical pattern for us here in Seattle! So I'm back to enjoying a last hurrah with my summer clothes. I hope our cold front has moved off East and given you some relief!

    Yes, I've made a little progress on the front yard. Just need time to write it (and so many other things!) up...I'm back at work now after a couple weeks away from my desk, so alas, time is limited. But soon, soon, I hope! :-)

  3. Oh, I love these photos! That's Seattle beach, and I miss it so. I tell people in Oregon that I used to water ski in the Sound when I was younger--salt water, hard waves, temps in the 70s, no wet suit, and they think I was crazy. They don't get that that's just how we do it there.

    We had cooler weather that weekend, too, and I was loving all the rain. Yesterday we were back in the 90s again. So over it. Bring on the fires and sweaters. Looking forward to seeing your fall capsule wardrobe. :-)

    1. Are you back to fall now? We definitely are up here. Totally patting myself on the back for my timing in planting those front yard plants. :-) And thanks for inquiring about the fall capsule -- you've given me an idea about how to approach that, I'll plan (knock wood) to post something next week. You know me, there will be sweaters aplenty!