Sunday, September 18, 2016

Last of the summer, first of the fall

My mom was up visiting a couple weeks ago, just before school started. The cats always appreciate it when there are extra laps around.

Grandmother and granddaughter occupied themselves for most of a week playing "The Frog Game," which is basically a live-action mashup of Minecraft and The Sims, except with frogs -- featuring a heartless capitalist boss named Jane Jacobs, and Hillary Clinton as the President of the Chocolate Tasters' Union.

No visit from my mom would be complete without a thrifting excursion! This year we engaged in a thrifting bang-bang: first, we shopped the heck out of one thrift store. Then we ate fries and milkshakes for lunch and went to a second thrift store. Six hours of thrifting, people! Frankly, we were pretty wiped out by the end of the day. But so worth it.

Here are my purchases. I may have gone a leeeetle overboard in the cookbook section:

And I refreshed my kiddo's wardrobe (and bookshelf) too.

Why is there a big glass vase in the "thrifted for the kiddo" pile? "I think making terrariums is going to be my new hobby, mom." #dulynoted #weneedmorebookshelves

Late garden:

Speaking of going overboard, I may have made too much food for our 4-person Labor Day dinner. (That's barbecue-sauce-slathered tofu in the sandwich, by the way, because we're 100% All American.)

And then, it was time to buckle down!

But not before getting our nails painted for the first day of school. My daughter chose orange and white, because those are Stampy's colors. Kiddo's first cosplay?

 Have you been wondering if we're still tidying up? We are indeed.

And discovering that you never know what will Spark Joy for another person.

The rains have arrived this weekend, but I found just the candle to keep things cozy -- can we call it a tradition?


  1. Oh, it's so so lovely to see you back posting, Sarah! I do hope you had a good summer :) . (I confess I was *this close* to sending you an "I hope you're ok" email, but couldn't seem to get over the fact that it might be seen as weird and/or stalkerish.)

    It's so nice to watch our mothers spending time with our children :) . My mom will be coming here for a visit in about 10 days, but unfortunately she'll only get to "really" visit with the youngest (we'll drive to my older kids' university town on the weekend that she's here, but they'll be busy with schoolwork, I'm sure, and will only be able to spare a bit of time).

    Love the floral print blouse you found for yourself, and (of course!) the "Save My Planet" t-shirt for your daughter. And I hope your daughter has success with her terrarium hobby; that's something I've always wanted to do, but never have. Hmmm...

    I've been in a major tidy/purge mode for a couple of weeks now, too. Fall always seems to be a good time to do that sort of thing, and I love how much lighter the finished parts of the house are feeling :) .

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Marian. For what it's worth I wouldn't take an email from you as stalkerish. :-) All's well here, it was just a busy summer and I kept writing posts in my head but not getting them into the computer and then the moment seemed to have passed for whatever it was that I wanted to know? I suspect you do.

      I recommend terrariums, they are a very simple hobby in my experience. The main difficulty is keeping them away from the cat....

      I love how much lighter the tidied parts of my house feel too, though I'm at that stage of going through the whole house where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but don't seem to be making much progress, visually. Frustrating! That and the fact that I started working on our papers, ran out of time, and left them half-done -- so I no longer know "which pile" to find things in!

      I hope you have a wonderful visit with your mom!

  2. Like Marian, I was about to send you one of those emails, too. :-)

    So much in this post made me smile. Of course I wished I were thrifting with you--I know we talked once about doing that on one of my trips north. I find it so hard to build in time for anything but family when I'm headed that way. But someday, I hope!

    Hoping you had a good summer. And hoping to "see" you here more. Have missed your voice. Wasn't the rain this weekend nice?

    1. The rain WAS nice! I like the sound of it at night. The crisp-ness in the air was nice too. The walk to my daughter's bus stop is longer this year (10 minutes in each direction) and honestly I'm relishing the inconvenience. I will probably feel differently once the weather really turns!

      And thanks for your kind words. I've missed engaging with you and others. Hoping to be around/speaking up more in the next months.

  3. I so enjoyed this post -- a bit of this and a bit of that and all of it just delightful! Terrarium-making, what a great hobby. And is that a Liberty-print (the pink blouse/shirt accessorised with pearls and cookbooks?

    1. Thanks, mater! I like looking back on these sorts of slice-of-life posts later and it's nice to know they are also enjoyed by others in the moment.

      The pink blouse is by the Gap, but you're right, it's very Liberty-ish, which is exactly why I bought it! It's not quite my color palette but I'm determined to make it work.