Saturday, October 30, 2010

In which our heroine fails at the world's easiest Halloween craft

So I wanted to make these doily spiderweb decorations that I saw on Betz White's blog. An embroidery hoop, a doily, and a dime-store spider--what could be easier, right?

Wrong. I scoured about three different thrift stores for a doily and the single solitary one I found turned out to be way too big for my largest embroidery hoop, plus too thick to get in between the hoops.

So I thought I'd make a wreath. I wrapped a styrofoam wreath form with dark gray yarn (this is a 20" wreath I think and it took pretty close to a whole skein, 145 yards) and used florist's pins to secure the "spiderweb" to it.

I like the way it came out, but this was definitely one of those projects that snowball. Does that ever happen to you? You start out all, "Oh, lalala, I'm just going to turn a thrift-store find and some stuff I have around the house into something awesome," and all of a sudden you're like, "Wait, how did I just spend $[REDACTED] at JoAnn's?"

 Oh yeah, and JoAnn's had doilies too. So I got to try out the world's easiest Halloween craft after all.

Happy All Hallows Eve Eve! Pumpkin carving tomorrow....

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