Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Coda

I had no idea I liked Halloween so much!

At three, my daughter is just old enough to get into the holiday, and the sheer joy produced by a cat-ear headband, drawn-on whiskers, and a fun size pack of M&Ms, well...I'll take it.

Here are some activities and tutorials from around the Web that I didn't get to this year. There's always next time, right?

Harvest House printables (Victoria Magazine)

How To Cross-Stitch on a Pumpkin (Elsie Marley) I'm thinking a spider would be kind of awesome...

Halloween paper dolls: Boy and Girl (babalisme)

Pumpkin diorama (Sweet Paul via Ohdeedoh) I'm picturing a masked owl hooting "Nevermore..."

P.S.: The lines in the background of these pictures? My daughter's first piece of embroidery!

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