Saturday, July 16, 2011

Evidence of Summer

(And yes, sadly, one has to look inside rather than outside for evidence of summer  in Seattle these days.) I'm probably breaking all sorts of design rules here, but this little arrangement of things is making me happy right now. I started out with some summery seashells. Added the birdhouse the kid painted at school. Then the one she painted at home. Some spent poppy and primrose (?) stems that I'm drying so that I can plant the seeds. Little vases that hold a rotating series of blooms that the kid picks for me, insists that I pick, etc. (I love how there's no difference between a flower and a weed at her age.) An extra sprig of oregano. A pinecone picked up on a walk.

Feels like a little record of life up there. What's next?


  1. I don't know about any design rules but to me your arrangement looks very pretty! The matchy-and-then-slightly-mismatched colors are perfect.

    Also, I love your blog name. I didn't know that "gezellig" was borrowed into English (via Yiddish or from German?), but I love that it exists now! :)

  2. Thanks, poet! I love that the word "gezellig" exists too--I'm not sure it's quite reached the status of "loan word" yet, but I like to think I'm doing my part to make it so!