Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The only thing plugged in was the sewing machine

Last weekend I went to a cabin in the woods with five friends and made things.

Feel free to insert multiple exclamation points after each word in that sentence. Because it was awesome.

There was inspiration.

Recreational reading. (And puppies!)

Colorful pens and sketchbooks.

Yarn and embroidery floss. Pattern tracing, fabric, and sewing machines. (A little cursing too, of course. Sewing just wouldn't be complete without it.)

Even Legos.

A hot tub, hot toddies, and the Nisqually River.

Fancy pastries, cheese and wine, delicious Brussels sprouts (two ways!), and the inevitable lively conversation about how great it would be if we could just all live together in a commune, or at least on the same block.

Really, everything you could ever want in a crafty weekend. I'll do a more "how-to" post in a few days, in case you should want to organize one yourself. (Take my word for it: you do.)

For now I'll just say that maybe the best part was knowing I was missed.

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  1. So totally awesome. I want to know all about it - what you made, how you organized it, everything!