Friday, December 10, 2010

Halls: Decked

Well, mostly decked, anyway. I still have a few schemes. But it's starting to look pretty festive around here.

The kiddo insisted that we hang that sheep ornament way at the top of the tree. She also managed to place the naked plastic baby with my name written on the butt front and center. Thanks! Thanks so much!

I decided I'm keeping one of the salt dough ornaments for our own tree. I love this reindeer that my daughter painted white with just a hint of pale purple. Such a modern color scheme!

A reliable source informs me that salt dough ornaments need to be coated with shellac or something similar to preserve them long-term. I have a bottle of glittery clear nail polish that I plan to contribute to the cause.

As you know, my house is only just becoming gezellig, so most of what I have to offer here are extreme close-ups.

This little Goebel figurine was my husband's grandmother's. She was mad for Christmas and a lot of our decorations are inherited from her. The little girl's face reminds me of my own little girl. Of course. Just like pretty much every cute little figurine in the universe. I see her face everywhere, that's how I know I'm a mom.

The print is from The Permanent Collection on Etsy.

Are you looking at this wreath and thinking, "I wonder if she is quite pleased with herself for making that"? Why yes, yes I am. More details to come.

My hyacinth bulbs are growing soooo slowly. I wonder if I did something wrong?

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