Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Morning at Home

Lots and lots of painting. Messy table. Me hanging frames in the kid's room. (Finally! Pictures to come.) Beans and rice for lunch while pretending to be sharks who live in an underwater cave. "Hey, look at those underwater plants out there, moving in the waves." "I see some coral that looks like a flower." "I see a BIG coral that looks like a tree." "Use your napkin, please, just because we live in a cave is no excuse for making a big mess."

I feel a bit silly blogging these minutiae, but I was scrolling through some old posts the other night and found that I really valued having some of those memories documented albeit in brief format. So, apologies in advance, you (all three of you, dear readers) may be treated to some diary entries scattered amongst the posts about actual things to make.

The kid can't get enough of art these days and her work keeps making these great leaps. Suddenly, this morning, faces with dots for eyes and nose are SO yesterday--now faces need eyebrows and she wants to figure out how to make "a good nose."

Next up: an afternoon outing. She keeps asking when we are going to the wedding. "You mean the outing?" 'Yeah." The cutest.


  1. I enjoy all your posts. When I was a kid I asked my mom one time if the mustache went over the nose or under the nose (it was the 70s, my dad had a mustache), so this post reminded me of that. Thanks.

  2. Oh, that is fantastic, Darcy! My dad had exactly that 1970s mustache until about 1999, and when he finally shaved it off my then-20-year-old sister was so traumatized that she hid under the kitchen table!

    And thanks for the vote of confidence. :-)