Thursday, October 30, 2014

New office inspiration

Now that I've protested too much, let's talk about the look I'm aiming for in our non-minimalist-but-not-too-chaotic atelier or joint home office.

Just like I did with the adult bedroom I'm turning to my Pinterest boards to try to understand what I like. My "Office" board is right here.

Let's start with a pin whose description says it all:

That's an image of the studio belonging to artist Geninne Zlatkis. (Or maybe her former studio; her husband builds houses so they seem to move pretty often -- and in each new house she quickly sets up a very pleasant-looking, functional studio. Impressive!)

Here are a couple more views:

Zlatkis works in many different media -- watercolor, collage, pyrography, ceramics, etc. Moreover, her two sons also make art and I believe they are homeschooled. So, much like the atelier that I aspire to create, her studio is a hardworking space that has to contain lots of different types of materials, and is shared with multiple family members. And it's gorgeous! So, it can be done.

Alright, I could fangirl all day (if you'd like to do the same, here is her blog and her Etsy shop -- she seems to be on hiatus now but you can get a feel for her work at both those links). But let's step back and try to figure out the elements of what makes an office space work for me. Here's what I notice in some of the other pins on my board:

A little bit vintage:

A little bit industrial:

Everything you need close at hand:

Materials as decor:

And uniform storage:

(Plenty of it!)

Inspiration from natural things, living:

...and remnant:

...and imaged:

Sound like a plan?

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  1. Am drooling over several of these (vintage, industrial, close at hand, and natural things, living). Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)