Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekending: A rainbow birthday party

My girl is about to turn five, so we celebrated this weekend, with lots and lots of rainbows.

Rainbow fruit.

Rainbow veg.

Rainbow bunting, purloined from child's room. (By the way: I was really disappointed that some of the triangles started curling after I hung the bunting, but ironing the paper--a warm iron on the reverse side of the painting--helped a lot.)

Rainbow pencils. (And rainbow name tags--nice that my girl is now old enough to help out a bit with the preparations.)

Rainbow skirt and rainbow tank.

An invitation to doodle rainbows.

Rainbow top of cake. (Candles.)

I thought this would be another good opportunity to wear that dress.

And finally, drumroll please....rainbow inside of cake! This was seriously so much fun--a challenge, to be sure, but I think an accessible one. I'll write more about it tomorrow, and share some tips and tricks.

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