Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shopping for a beach vacation

We're going to the beach later this summer, and I'm starting to work on a list of what to take with us. (I like making lists almost as much as I like going on beach vacations.) Here's part of it.

Long sleeves for chilly evenings.

Short-sleeve tropical prints for warm days.

Vintage maxi dress for swanning about (I predict copious amounts of this activity).

Straw tote, soft sheet to spread on the sand, bright cloth for a picnic.

All items via Goodwill. See? Making things useful again.

I have more things on my shopping list but I'll wait to report on them until I can tell you how they fared in action. Let's just say I plan to get in touch with some of my scientific foremothers. Oh, what? We're supposed to be relaxing? Okay, okay, I'll try to squeeze in a little of that too.

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  1. Hello, fellow Seattle-ite! Thanks for visiting my blog! I've just had a wonderful few minutes looking yours over, envying your flowers, and drooling over your homemade nutella-jam pop tarts!