Sunday, June 17, 2012


Strawberry-banana fruit leather (NB: it took a lot longer to cook than that recipe specifies) for the girl's daycare pool party.

Strawberry-nutella pop tarts (recipe + cute presentation) to celebrate Father's Day.

So, strawberry season! Not that ours came from anywhere more exciting than the supermarket. But it turns out that the oven is almost as good for mediocre strawberries as it is for mediocre tomatoes.

Not pictured: Epic tantrum because I used a six-month old painting to wrap the Father's Day presents that my girl then decided that she wanted. I feel simultaneously "whatEVer" and chastened.

Also, a conversation that included the following exchange: "So you want to make chair cozies or something?" "No, not at all!" "Oh, okay then." Remind me to present all my project ideas in a way that makes him fear, at first, that chair cozies might be involved. Because then the actual plan sounds totally sane by comparison.

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